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Alpha Anywhere is a low-code development platform that allows entrepreneurs to quickly turn their idea into a SaaS application. But building a successful SaaS “business” is more than just writing code and launching a website.  

Whether you’re looking to build a small revenue stream for additional income, or a multi-million dollar brand with a large exit, you’ll need a flexible business strategy to achieve profitability and sustainable growth.  A strategy that takes into consideration all aspects of your business from development and system architecture to sales, support, billing and accounting.  


A strategy  that ensures YOU run your business and that the business doesn’t run you.


How can SaasTactics help?  We have over 30 years of software development and business management expertise.  Most importantly, our team built, grew, and SOLD a profitable SaaS business built on Alpha Anywhere platform. 


We offer the following specifically for AlphaAnywhere developers:

Finance and Operations Strategy Review - $359

During this 3-4 hour strategy session we’ll work together to build the following for your business: 

  • Startup budget to take you from initial MVP development to launch

  • 3 year quarterly operational forecast

  • Break-even analysis so you know when and how you’ll get to profitability

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