We're different because we've done it.


Jay Oken

As co-founder/CTO/CFO of MySchoolAnywhere,  I took an idea from concept to industry leader to successful sale, with less than half the staff of our main competitor. 


I've also built a custom donation tracking system (for a prominent non-profit organization) as well as a subscriber management system (for a weekly newspaper) and know what it takes to build efficient software.

I started my career as a CPA but then spent the better part of 20 years providing independent financial and accounting services to a wide range of private companies (including two startups).


I bring strong business and technology backgrounds to SaasTactics and can help you achieve success in both key areas of your business.


Tracie Oken

My passion is building intuitive and easy to use software that customers actually enjoy using!  


As a co-founder of MySchoolAnywhere, I worked closely with our customers and small development team to build and support over 1200 organizations, each with hundreds of users.  And because we were a small team (and wanted to stay that way!), we were laser-focused on developing ways our customer could achieve success with minimal work on their part and ours.

Prior to launching MySchoolAnywhere, I spent 20 plus years developing software to manage complex material planning issues for large government contractors and the U.S. military. 

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to wear many hats in the SaaS world from Product Manager, Customer Support Manager and Pre-Sales Team Leader (lot's of demos!).   I look forward to taking an active role in your company's success.